Friday, November 14, 2014

Ayo for Yayo.

It's been rad to see Yorkatron at the local spots and parks. I used to watch his parts before I went skating and pretended I was a tech dude with the four ledge tricks I could do.

He seems like a cool dude, but dunno how to roll up on the guy without being that dude. "Yo York, I used to be on your dick back in the day. Let's be friends."

Hyped on his new company too. Fun shapes & graphics. Just wish he made some bigger boards. At least an 8.5 homey!

My daily kit is a Grosso 9.25. Been trying to keep a bigger set up in the trunk with the opening of Peck Park in San Pedro. But since signs popped up over the summer at Channel Street about the park maybe closing, I've trying to "skate" there as much as I can. It's super hard but fun to skate- like the first time you hit that fucked up halfpipe that the older BMX dudes built growing up. All the transitions are jacked and lumpy but after a while you get used to all the imperfections. Although all the locs are super friendly & supportive, I still feel like Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler trying to get my three trick line day after day.