Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cradle to the Grave.

After nearly blowing my knee/ ankle out about a year ago at the park trying to prove to myself that "I still got it," it's become apparent that my quick feet twinkle toes days may soon be over.

In my mind, I'm still in 1994 with rolled up swishy Capri pants and Sal 23s with promising ledge dancing skills and a decent snap. But in reality, the years have taken their toll and gravity's grip is pulling me closer and closer to the "I used to skate" grave. As much as I try to Peter Pan my way out of my age bracket, the tucked in short sleeve button up, pleated khaki shorts, and beer belly days are just around the corner.

So after becoming re-acquainted with the quarter pipe on an AH 8.75 Grosso Square Tail over the past year, I pieced together an 8.38 Popsicle and took on my own Man vs Ledge episode. To my surprise, within a handful of tries I was able to still land my bsts to fakie flip line; quite possibly the only line I ever committed to stringing together. The old slappy front board to back nollie 180 doesn't really count, right?!