Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Crail Camp killed it with this edit. Although I have somewhat grown accustomed to 75 degree temps all year round, easy access to In N Out, and the beach a short drive across down; part of me misses the walk up the street to get the pernil, yellow rice y platanos styro $5 lunch platters right across from the barber where I could get $10 straight razor fades all while watching the latest movie bootlegs en espanol, battle Madden with bachata blasting, and a parrot cursing everyone who walks in the door. Not to mention the walk home where the DR/ PR families are having mid-week impromptu BBQ Dance Parties on the sidewalk adjacent to the Korean VW garage blasting all the newest reggaeton hits with the hydrant cranked open, hosing passing cars whether they liked it or not with a coffee can filter. Can someone please send me a mixtape, a crown air freshener for my dash, and a cd I can hang from my rear view window?