Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Soy Sauce Kit Kats.

DMC was gracious enough to bring back a package of goodies from the Orient. Most exciting of which was a box of Soy Sauce flavored Kit Kats (Tokyo Edition). Kit Kats have become very popular in Japan because Kit Kat is very similar to "Kitto Katsu" which roughly translates to "You will surely win" or "Good Luck". Parents and children will often gift the candy before exams.

They have branched from the traditional chocolate and have experimented with many flavors including Cherry Blossom, Orange, and Mint; which has made it to the States although infrequently. Last trip to Canada we found some and I bought out the 7-11. My favorite flavors from visiting were Red Bean & Iced Tea. Some flavors such as edamame and chesnut are rare and only available in certain prefectures.

The packaging for the Soy Sauce Kit Kats is phenomenal. The bars are of the 3/4 "Petit" size and are individually wrapped in pairs. So "High Touch". It's a carbon footprint nightmare, but so beautiful how all the pieces are seperately packaged with nutritional information and a bunch of other stuff and can't possibly transrate.

I was absolutely besides myself waiting to finally open and taste such an oddity. As I tore open the wrapper, the faint hint of Soy Sauce started to hit the air. However, it was hard to look and bite into the bars and not think white chocolate. A very odd piece of candy for sure. The smell is def there as you put it up to your nose, but as you bite into it, it's just the faint taste of white chocolate. Not quite the Ketchup flavor potato chip experience I was looking for, but a super fun snack, nonetheless. Thanks Dan.