Monday, August 13, 2007

What Now?

Everything was good. Friday jumped off the weekend with Mike Stim's Skate Day Bachelor Party. Rained dumped on our original plans to go hit up the new Grindline park in Connecticut. Whatevs we hit a local park strapped with a couple cases of beer. Things are good when the first crack of beer is at noon and someone else is driving. We ripped it and drank our asses off despite pouring rain and 60 degree temps. Mind you, it was close to a 100 just a few days prior.

The day was fun as hell and got retarded as most of the guys didn't eat until about 9pm. After a brief pit stop @ Club Nagle to freshen up and quick nap, it was onto a night of drunkedness. Sorry for lack of pics, but I was lucky enough to get my stand on.

Congrats Mike Dogg and have a great time with Carrie in Aruba!

The rest of the weekend was chill as I trooped up to my fam's condo for some much needed RnR. Chilled hard, loaded up the iPHONE with a complete season of 30ROCK and ripped all the random music from my arsenal of iPODs. Dope.

Sunday came without a hitch and I went to bed with a smile. Until the crack of Monday rang. As you might know already I have a great detest for all that is the first day of the week. Everything that can go wrong does, from the shit on the shoes to the coffee on the shirt. But today might take the cake.

Woke up 9am early pain free. I swear I always wait for that "Groundhog Day" feeling that something was gonna be fucked. Walked to the local breakfast spot for some coffee and a bacon, egg, & cheese + extra ketchup. Decided to sit and eat since I didn't have to go to work until sundown. Walked back slowly enjoying a fine summer morning thinking that today might be my day, until Satan & I rounded the corner to my apt.

There stood my landlord with that distressed expression on his face. He always looks pissed, but today I knew I was in for some shit. He asks, "Do you park your car in a garage behind the apt?". I respond, "Yeah, what's up?". He returns, "You'll see." So I troop back to the garage to find the door from our two garage ON my car. Apparently, some car thieves tried to break into an adjacent garage to get to my car to no avail,and decided to ram their car into my garage door in order to get in. However, in doing so, they dropped the whole door on my car. Fucking awesome.

My whip went from having a dead bug on the windshield as the only blemish to a jacked bumper, headlight, fender and roof. It's all fucked- I mean FUCKED UP. You can't remotely tell from the cell pic, but my shit ain't right. I was and still am in shock. I guess it's nice the car didn't get stolen and insurance will cover all the damages; but the worst part is that the thieves KNOW where my car is parked and it's not long before it will happen again. Thanks assholes! Especially, from jacking my recently finished fixed kit and some choice NIKEs that aren't covered from my non-existent renter's insurance.

I swear in a previous lifetime, I was some crazy Flip Warrior charging with my fellow assholes by boat to neighboring islands for the sole intention of destroying villages, raping wives & killing children. PayBack's a Bitch but Fuck You! Really.