Friday, December 01, 2006

Thought I caught a bad one...

Got pulled over and got caught driving with a suspended license. Misdemeanor charge- $5000 if I don't show up for court and a summons goes out for my arrest. Sweet. Gs down for a lawyer and court fines. Pissed as fuck but I didn't get as shit on as this guy:

"A man has been shot dead by police in Queens just hours before he was due to be married. Sean Bell was on a night out with friends at a strip club where they were out on a bachelor night.

Two of his friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, were also hurt in the shooting outside the club which had been under police surveillance.

Their car reportedly hit an unmarked police vehicle, prompting officers to fire 50 bullets.

New York's Mayor said officers took action because they thought there was going to be a fight outside the club and feared a weapon would have been used.

Police have been looking for evidence at the scene.

An investigation is under way and the families are demanding that the police explain their actions."

50 FUCKING BULLETS. How many bullets does it take to kill someone? Thought one was fine. Guess they went to the same police academy as Abner Louima's officers. Moral of the story is: "Watch your ass on the streets and don't drive a flashy car". Might get shot or even worse.