Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stuffin' it in.

With all of the talk of the hot dog eating contest today, I decided to look at how much of what other people have stuffed into their pie holes. Below is a sampling. Butter? Damn.

Chicken Wings
167 chicken wings
32 minutes
Sonya Thomas

Birthday Cake
Five Pounds/ TripRewards 1st Birthday
11 Minutes, 26 Seconds/ May 10, 2005
Richard LeFevre

7 quarter-pound sticks, salted butter
5 minutes
Don Lerman

49 glazed
8 minutes
Eric Booker

Matzo Balls
21 baseball-sized
5 minutes 25 seconds
Eric Booker

Reindeer Sausage
28 Glacier Brewhouse Reindeer Sausage
10 minutes
Dale Boone

7 3/4 pounds Turducken.com Thanksgiving Dinner
12 minutes/ Nov. 26, 2003
Sonya Thomas

5 1/2 pounds of buffet food
12 minutes
Crazy Legs Conti